Driver & Firmware Updates

Below you will find the relevant firmware and driver updates.

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Model Version Download Link
Personal Edition 2.15 Click Here
Enterprise Pro / AES Edition - English 2.10 Click Here
Master Password Utility Click Here

Firmware Installation Instructions

Backup all data on a separate storage device before proceeding.

Firmware updates must be performed on a Windows System.

  1. Disconnect all other USB external devices except Data Locker.
  2. Download the current version of your firmware.
  3. Unzip the firmware file.
  4. Connect your Data Locker by entering in your PIN number.
  5. On your comoputer Double click on the file named "Datalocker-xx.EXE"
  6. Once connected. Hit the "Start Button" and WAIT.
  7. After update is completed, you may click Exit button on the bottom.
  8. Turn off the Data Locker power switch, wait 5 seconds and turn it on again. After getting connection successfully, you will see the new updated version number.


Update your IronKey to

IronKey software update Release for S100, S200 and D200 devices, is now available for IronKey Personal and Enterprise users. Apply the update now to take advantage of performance improvements, bug fixes and more.

Learn how to apply the update to your IronKey device in this video tutorial.

Origin Storage

File Name Driver Description Download Link
Amacom_EZ2_IOD_WIN98.exe Amacom IODisk & EZ2Disk Windows 98/SE installation drivers - Model version 2007+ (inc E-SATA support) Click Here


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