Get the most out of your Netbook.

With a sleek design, optical CD/DVD drive, four port USB-Hub to connect to your peripherals and built in hard drive for additional storage, you can now have all the functionality of a regular notebook in a stylish, portable package.

For keeping you connected on the go, Netbooks are ideal. Their streamlined, ultra-portable design means you can take them anywhere. But what to do when you need more functionality from your Netbook? Not a problem with Apricorn's NetDock.

Apricorn's NetDock instantly changes your Netbook into a mini media center. Say you want to install a new program, access some additional storage, watch a DVD or burn a CD, or perhaps you wish to connect your Netbook to your printer. Apricorn's NetDock allows you to do all of these things, in a package just over the footprint of a CD.

Latest Optical Engine:

Whether looking to load the latest software on your Netbook, play a DVD or burn a CD, Apricorn's NetDock Optical Drive has you covered.

High Capacity Hard Drive Enclosure:

Need additional storage? The NetDock's built-in high capacity 2.5" SATA hard drive enbles you to store your media collection in one location. The included synchronizing software is perfect for keeping your data up-to-date between your Netbook and NetDock.

Convenient 4-Port USB Hub:

Use Apricorn's NetDock to connect to your all of USB peripherals in just one simple connection.


With two, ALWAYS ON USB ports, the NetDock is perfect for charging USB devices, such as cell phones and MP3 players.

Auto "ON" and "OFF" feature:

The NetDock's energy efficient design incorporates an auto "ON" and "OFF" feature, powering the NetDock down when not in use, and automatically turning on when connected to your Netbook.

Compact, Easy Open Design:

Apricorn's NetDock slim design is great for small places such as dorm rooms and as a supplement not only to your Netbook but also to any other portable USB devices. Including a vertical stand, the NetDock's tiny footprint can fit in even the most cramped spaces.

In addition the NetDock’s intuitive design enables the enclosure to be opened with a single screw, allowing you to change out your hard drive in snap.

NetDock Easy Open Case

Box Contents

  • Aegis NetDock
  • Vertical Stand
  • USB cable
  • AC Power Adapter
  • DVD Burning Software
  • Synchronization Software
  • Quick Start Guide

Apricorn NetDock Datasheet