About Apricorn

Apricorn, Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacture of PC storage products, utilities and accessories.

Established in 1983 by entrepreneurs Paul Brown and Mike Gordon, Apricorn quickly became an industry leader supplying a family of Apple interface products. In 1989, Apricorn became the world’s first provider of third-party memory modules for portable computers. Since then, Apricorn has expanded its product line to include a family of portable computing peripheral solutions.

Apricorn’s ISO9000:2000 compliant production process leverages a best of breed approach to manufacturing. Apricorn manages a real time, closed loop system from its corporate headquarters in Poway, CA. Elements of Apricorn’s production process are performed abroad while the final assembly and test occurs in the U.S. This combined approach to design, manufacturing and distribution ensures the highest levels of production quality while maintaining a cost effective price point for consumers.

Apricorn's extensive knowledge base, from the production process to customer service, gives the company an advantage when providing competitive products and service to customers. The entire organization at Apricorn is customer centric and every product sold comes with free technical support.

User-Critical Computing

Today, a decentralized global workforce has changed the landscape of personal computing. Sales of portable computers have outnumbered desktops as more and more users work from remote locations. Realizing that storage, backup and utilization of laptop hard drives are user-critical, Apricorn developed EZ GIG II®, the flagship backup and recovery software, that acts as a platform for the entire line of products. In addition, software products such as SMART-ER® provide advanced warning of capacity constraints and hard drive failures.